Special Effects

Slime, Mud, Blood, Oil;
Our Products Are Only Limited To Your Imagination!

Blair Adhesive Products can match or engineer any kind of water based effect material.

greenOur labs replicate the viscosity (thickness), color and texture per desired specification.  Your custom “Studio Paste” can be ramped up to full-scale production with quantities ranging from one gallon to tens of thousands of gallons.  All studio paste is safe for human contact and immersion.  Studio Paste pricing includes all design costs.



This is a blue paint replica. Unlike real paint it has no odor, is safe for extended human contact, and simply rinses off in water. Like all Blair Studio Paste products it will not stain skin.




This is an example of a “Pink Taffy” analog. Acquisition and disposal of hundreds of gallons of real taffy is not feasible, however we were able to create and mass produce a suitable replica.



We also specialize in large scale water tinting operations, which involves the color matching and maintenance of bodies of water ranging from 10,000 gallons up to 4,000,000 gallons.  We can arrange for all permits for disposal as well. (Blair Adhesives managed the 800,000 gallon lake used to film “Lemony Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events”)

The two pictures below show a finished, ready to film set element best described as a slime or sludge pit. Again, this “sludge” replica is freshly produced, odorless, and safe for immersion.

sludge1               sludge2