hotmeltHotmelt is a 100-percent solid adhesive that is mainly composed of thermoplastic resin and contains no organic solvent agent, and is solid or semi-solid at normal temperature.
Hotmelt is coated when melted by heating, and is hardened when cooled, which completes adhesion.


  • Hotmelt is a 100-percent solid solventless adhesive.
  • Hotmelt allows quick adhesion.
  • Hotmelt allows adhesion of an extensive range of materials including plastics.
  • Hotmelt makes it easy to automate adhesion.


• Making, Sealing, and Adhesion of Corrugated Board and Carton Cases • Assembly of Packages, Book Binding
• Assembly and Adhesion of Electrical and Automotive Parts • Pressure-sensitive Adhesion of Film, etc.