Emulsion Adhesives

Emulsion adhesives are formed by the emulsification and emulsionpolymerization of acetic vinyl, EVA and acrylic resin in water. Since organic solvent is not generally used, it is not flammable, and it is not toxic; it is a relatively safe adhesive. It is mainly used for porous materials.


  • emulsion adhesives are generally solventless type adhesives that contain no organic solvent agents.
  • Emulsion adhesives allow for extensive range of work from coating with brushes to coating with machines.
  • Emulsion adhesives have better initial adhesive properties than other aqueous adhesives.
  • Emulsion adhesives are relatively inexpensive.


• Furniture, Woodworking • Paper Working, Packaging
• Decorated Plywood, Composite Members, and Panels • Plastic, Vinyl, and Cloth